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Cat Roberts said:   November 30, 2013 2:55 am PST
You have such a talent, and your voice is amazing. So sad to hear the pain you have had in your life with the loss of your dear family who were so close to you. Makes the words in your music mean so much more. Look forward to hearing more of your music, God Bless You.

LowLyfe The Knocc Off Man said:   November 2, 2012 12:17 pm PST
This is @LowLyfe I see your grind stay Focused!! Nice Music 100.

Sandy Hicks said:   June 25, 2012 6:38 pm PST
Just wanted to say that I am so in love with your music. God crossed out paths and now I know why. You music relates so much to my story in which will help me heal. It warms my heart through the grace of God to be introduced to your music. You music will most def help others in whatever life trials they are having. I pray for you daily that God will use you in His mighty way to help others through your music. You are a powerful tool for the kingdom of God. You have been such a blessing to me and being in recovery I need all the positive and encouraging I can get. I find this in your music. Thank you so much and I appreciate you. Much luv from Alabama. My God Bless you always and many many blessing be bestowed upon you and your family.

Lisa Lewis said:   June 1, 2012 12:16 pm PST
Simply his AMAZINGGRACE. I read the bio on "Where U R" haven't heard the song yet but those words penetrate. I think there is talent there to be shared. Keep doing what you're doing. Music is a difining part of who we are as people. I have family in the business, a very good friend that should be in the business (he know's who he is), and I realize that it takes a special heart & mind to waver through words, put them to melody, and deal with a pain that resonates so well with the passion you display in song.. Yeah...Keep doing what you're doing...

NATE said:   December 17, 2011 11:43 pm PST
Saturday late night, 17 December 2011 MARK: I hope this e-letter finds you in good health and making more music. Please send me the titles to each song. I really enjoy the c.d and especially numbers 1 to 4 and the spiritual songs, near the end you have a song dedicated to your grandmother, as it is written in the Bible, a Virtuous woman. I also really like the very last song about this war, our country has been involved in since 11 September 2001. Before you get to big or blow up as they say in street slang, I would really like you to meet my youngest son. His dream is to get as far as you have come and become the next Kirk Franklin style singer. Perhaps, you two could work together in the future. The only hold back I see is the distance. He lives in the city of Pasadena and he is married and supporting two little boys. Aside, from that I am going to call the agency that I know on Monday or Tuesday and find out, if they still will see new and unknown music talent because your music should be out there on the radio on stations like KJLH, 102.3 in Los Angeles. Okay, see you at the gym. Please write back and send me the names of each song, so I can title them. Peace & Blessings / Paz & Bendiciones, Nay K. "Soy un Moreno/Africano Americano con un corazon Latino."

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