TAKNbySTORM©: singer/songwriter


TAKNbySTORM©........(Mark A. Yarbrough Sr.)  Singer/Songwiter. ASCAP.  SONGWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA.  Barstow, California.

The music began in 2005,but, was always INSIDE of this man. This BIO is not designed to "lure" in Record Executives.....I will not boast about itunes sales....or even post pics with "Famous" people that I have met. The ONLY reason for this site is to make people aware that there is an ALTERNATIVE to the music that is being force fed to the public by way of radio, television and media. This is a place to find music that uplifts and entertains.....yet, talks about LIFE.  Not many of us can Afford to "ball out of control" or "make it rain" in a club.......and frankly, what purpose does such an OUTWARD display of wealth and waste achieve? I am a father........a brother.....an uncle........a cousin.....a son....a grandfather and grandson.  No  matter where music should take me.......my greatest accomplishment will be.....The FATHER that I have become to my children.The example that I set for them. My music will always reflect that example and my BELIEFS. Thank u for stopping by........If u have business u would like to discuss, or u just want to send an email of encouragement my way........

Contact TAKNbySTORM at writteninthecloudsmuzic@gmail.com. If u need radio drops, songs written for your group or individual artist, collaborations.......let us know. TAKNbySTORM©......remember the name. I wish u heaven.     TAKNbySTORM© 2012.

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